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masqueandveil's Journal

Masque and Veil.com
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Dark Gothic and Industrial Music Festival

"Remember, Remember, the Ball in September..."

All Masque & Veil Festival artwork provided by UNHOLY VAULT (Poland).


September 2004- a group of kindred spirits formed a weekly dark music night in Fayetteville, Arkansas with a simple purpose of having a venue to listen to styles of dark independent music not being played anywhere in the area. It only took weeks for the nights to gain a wider audience and soon these events were host to many guests from driving distance in the region.

In Sept 2005, an anniversary celebration was produced named MASQUE & VEIL, featuring some of the region's most favoured DJs playing host to the night's masquerade ball. Many touring performers were scheduling stops in Fayetteville, being conveniently close to frequently toured larger metropolitan areas.

As a result, in 2006 many live artists had requested performing at the next anniversary celebration. Thus the newly developed Masque & Veil Productions created the annual festival & ball, featured Voltaire, The Last Dance, Spider Lilies, Razorwire Halo with featured DJs Bludston, DJ Skeletal and End: the DJ.

The 2007 festival had the largest lineup to date, with performers, guests, DJs and attendees from the across the U.S. The lineup featured The Last Dance, Abney Park, Ego Likeness, Man + Machines, Spanking Machine, Razorwire Halo and Vessels of Wrath featuring acclaimed DJs Annabel Evil, Eternal Darkness, Kaleidoscope, Morbid Kitty, End: the DJ, Infam0us and so many more. The weekend closed with an all-star performance from members of The Last Dance, Abney Park and Ego Likeness covering The Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog"!

**This Year's 2008 Festival**
.2008 MasqueandVeil.com
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