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MASQUE & VEIL FESTIVAL Sept. 25-27 *Major Update [Aug. 3rd, 2008|03:54 pm]
Masque and Veil.com


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This year's Masque & Veil festival is in full swing as even more sponsors and guests are joining up this year!

* Major website update!
Check out the new Masque & Veil.com website! From the festival events, updated news, even the links! Everything has been updated- and we mean everything...SO FAR. There are still even more developments being made (oy!).

* Now on LiveJoural!
To all who are LJ-friendly, we have answered your requests. Add us! masqueandveil

*My Space Update*
We have updated our top friends with our additional sponsors! Make sure to check them out and get a hint of what you may find waiting for you at the Subversion Industrial Label Party Thursday night of the festival or to those who are Best Dressed for the Gothic Masquerade on Friday or The Biohazard Ball on Saturday!

*maniacal laughter* Welcome to Masque & Veil ^_~

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